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Community Solutions

Connect is a community-based organisation focused on providing high quality 1:1 support. The aim of community support is to increase our client's social participation and community engagement by offering flexible activities that are aimed at individual choice. These activities include, but are not limited to:

  • Woodwork

  • Swimming

  • Gardening

  • Exercise/gym

  • Surfing

  • Hiking

  • Golf/ Driving range 

  • Grocery shopping

  • Music lessons

  • Fishing

  • Cinemas

  • Parkland Excursions

We will endeavour to support all our clients in most community activities they may wish to try, participate in or experience. 


Most of our activities are aimed at improving physical health or cognitive development, as well as the development of lifestyle and capacity building skills that support the growth of our clients. These may include: 


- Money handling skills 

- Travel training. 

- Fine and gross motor skills development 

- Decision making skills 

Retreat (5)

Retreat (5)

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