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Independent Living & Life Skills Development 

Members of the Connect community see every challenge as a learning opportunity. Assisting and supporting clients of all abilities to develop skills, whether it be at home, completing  tasks such as laundry, cooking, general hygiene, and mastery in  technology, or whether it be out in public, travelling and navigating through life, we see all of these as important steps towards building client independence. Staff at Connect view these skills as a gateway to achieving a better and more rewarding quality of life. We assist clients in generalising skills learnt to all areas of their life. 


Supports that we can offer to assist our clients in developing these skills may include: 


- Cooking Programs 

- Gardening 

- Public Transport Skills Development 

- Money Handling Skills 

- Allied Health Assistance 

- Laundry Assistance 

- Personal Care Support 

- Health and well being Programs 



All supports provided by Connect are client-focused supports. We assist our clients in activities and goals they have identified and want to excel at. This is our main priority. 

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