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Values & Ethics

At Connect we believe in helping our clients achieve a wholesome, productive  and meaningful life.  Through providing opportunities for individual growth and development we strive to assist each individual to become the best they can be. Connect's foundations are built on a mutual respect for our clients and their families. We aim to provide a premium service through staying true to our core values of;


Respect – The individuality, worth and dignity of all our clients is our foremost priority as we aim to provide for their needs and wants in a non-judgemental environment.  The clients rights to freedom of expression, self-determination, and decision-making will always be respected in accordance with relevant laws and policies.  


Equality- We recognise and respect diversity among people. A zero tolerance attitude is always upheld in the face of bullying, harassment, racism or any form of abuse. 


Safety – With all staff fully trained in first-aid and CPR, we provide supports and services in a safe and caring manner. As stipulated by law, we are mandatory reporters and will take all reasonable steps to prevent and respond to all forms of abuse and misconduct. 

We adhere to all Covid-19 health guidelines and our staff and clients are always provided with regulation first-aid kits, hand sanitizer, PPE, disposable gloves and dust Masks.  


Transparency and Integrity – All our client management will be transparent and follow all government regulations.   


Inclusivity - We aim to provide equal access to opportunities and resources for all our clients.  

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